Recently, a new edition of the course “Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). Applications in quality control and traceability of products and processes” has been held at the SCAI, organized and taught by the SCAI (Central Research Support Service) and the Department of Animal Production (School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering – ETSIAM) from the University of Córdoba under the academic direction of Prof. Ana Garrido Varo and Dolores Pérez Marín.

The course is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and professionals from different fields such as animal nutrition, biology, chemistry, forestry, agriculture, etc. who wish to be trained in NIRS technology in Spanish.

This edition has been attended by 16 students from Spanish universities, research centers and companies.

Those interested in receiving information about upcoming editions of this course can fill out the form available at the following link:

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