Training Schools are one of the type of networking activities organised by a Cost Action to help the Action achieve their MoU Objectives and deliver impact with regard to Capacity Building and Research Coordination.

SENSORFINT Cost Action organises its Second Training School on Spectroscopy aims to deepen the trainee’s knowledge in the fundamentals, data processing and applications of different non-destructive spectral sensors. The training school will give an introduction to practical applied spectroscopy for assessment of food quality. Focus will be on near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectroscopy. There will be lectures, some practical experience with instrumentation, as well as exercises in analysis of spectral data.


The SENSORFINT Second Training School will be celebrated from 12 Sept -2023 (9.00 pm) to 14 Sept -2023 (16.00 pm) at the Food Research Institute Nofima, Campus Ås, Norway. Modality: face to face



  • Introduction to NIR, HSI and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Key aspects in the development of applications.
  • Representative sampling and its importance.
  • Spectral data processing: calibration and validation.
  • Applications of spectral sensors in food applications. 
  • Use of spectral sensors in process control. 
  • Visit to the spectral sensor lab of Nofima.
  • Practical sessions for data processing.


  • Lola Pérez Marín, University of Córdoba
  • Tom Fearn, University College London
  • Marion O’Farrell, SINTEF
  • Jens Petter Wold, Nofima
  • Nils Kristian Afseth, Nofima
  • Erik Tengstrand, Nofima
  • Katinka Dankel, Nofima
  • Tiril Lintvedt, Nofima



Call launched: 12th  May 2023

Application deadline: 29th May 2023

Decision by the evaluation committee: 14th June 2023

This call is open to all participants, but priority will be given to Young Researchers and Innovators (researchers and innovators age below 40). A balance between Working Groups, gender and geographical range will also be considered.

Eligibility and more info in Annotated Rules for Cost Actions. Please see at for full details).


The applicant should complete:

  • A fully completed COST TS application form (see the template).
  • A motivation letter.
  • Applicant CV (reduced version 4 pages maximum).


* This information must be submitted to the following persons by email:

The Chair of the COST Action (Prof. Lola Pérez Marín,

The Vice Chair (Prof. Tom Fearn,

The TS coordinator (Dr. Jens Peter Wold

They will be in charge of the selection procedure.

Evaluation criteria  

  • Scientific quality excellence and motivation
 40 %
  • Member of SENSORFINT
  • Training benefit for the applicant
 20 %
  • ITC countries
 10 %


 Full name of the candidate
 Affiliation (name of the Institution)
Country of the institution
 Address of the Institution
 Gender of the candidate
 Email of the candidate
 Young Researchers and Innovators (researchers and innovators age below 40).   (Yes/No)
 PhD (Yes/No)
Type of member of SENSORFINT: 

MC member, Partner

If the applicant does not belong to SENSORFINT, please indicate NO